Learn How to Make

Of your wonderful overseas holiday trips,
Of family reunion dinners and gatherings,
Of parents and children birthday celebrations,
Of engagements and weddings events,
Of lunar new year celebrations and visits,
Of visits to the zoo, fun fairs and carnivals,
Of company dinner and dances,
Of personal hobbies, interests and pursuits,
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Of special corporate events and occasions,
Of product and promotion launches,
Of many more exciting possibilities for business, employer, family and friends.
1-Day Programme
Learn How To Make Memorable Videos

A fun-filled, exciting and entertaining programme awaits all.


Knowledge and skills you will learn include:
1. How movies can be produced easily and quickly.
2. How to use a software to create a mesmerizing movie.
3. How special effects will dramatically make your movies more exciting.
4. How to use lovely background music to enhance the mood of your movies.
5.How to set up a free Youtube account to store, access, share and view your movies.

6. Ability to produce impressive videos for your business, employer, family & friends.
How you will learn these skills:
1. All participants will be put through a step-by-step teaching approach to pick up the skills.
2. Programme leader will explain and demonstrate each step to ensure participants can understand and follow.
3. Participants can ask for clarifications anytime.
4. Samples of video and music clips will be provided for the practical sessions.
5. Participants will showcase their completed 1-minute video at the end of the programme.
• Introduction to movie production
• Introduction to Adobe Video Editing software
• Setting up project parameters
• Importing video clips
• Starting a sequence
• Inserting background music
• Review and selecting the best clip sequences
• Video clip insertion, deletion and adjustments
• Inserting background music
• Audio adjustments
• Creating titles and captions
• Color correction
• Exporting your final project
• Creating a Youtube account
• Uploading your project to Youtube
• Accessing your movies in Youtube
• Downloading your movies from Youtube
• Programme: Learn How to Make Memorable Videos
• Trainer: Kevin Wong
• Duration : 7 hours (9 am – 5 pm with 1 hour break for lunch)
• Level: Beginner or Novices
• Age Group: 15 Years Old and Above
• Additional Note: Participants need to bring their own laptops with Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed for hands-on training. A FREE trial version of the software Adobe Premiere Pro CC can be downloaded from https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/premiere. This software should be downloaded 2 days before the commencement of the course.
• Video materials provided for practice: Video and music clips free of charge.
• Venue: Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road or similar venues.
1-Day Programme
Fee:  $380

Next Run scheduled:
6 May 2019 (Monday)
Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road
Other dates scheduled:
8 July 2019 (Monday)
16 Sept 2019 (Monday)

20% Discount for 2 or more participants who group register
for the programme.
No knowledge or previous experience needed.
Novices and beginners are welcome.

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Kevin Wong

MBA National University of Singapore
BBA (Honours) University of Singapore

Kevin Wong is a lecturer and trainer with more than 25 years of extensive working experience in government, statutory and commercial organizations. His experience is primarily in the field of corporate planning, advertising, marketing, and project planning and execution in the media, education and transportation industries.

Kevin is proficient in website design, e-commerce and use of digital media tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premier Pro CC and Adobe After Effects. Kevin is an IT and Internet enthusiast and owns several websites.

Kevin has also conducted training seminars for government and private organizations in Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing for Non-marketing Personnel, Strategic Marketing Planning and Corporate Strategy Formulation. He has also provided consultancy services to government departments, trade associations and commercial businesses in various industries, and conducted market surveys, industry studies as well as focus group discussions in market research projects.

ACRA Reg No: 201309726N
Email:  admin@insingaporelocal.com
Tel: 92318468
Contact: Kevin Wong
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